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Who wants to earn points to redeem on your favorite things?!? We do, we do!

We value you and want YOU to get something back when you shop with us! So we decided to start a rewards program to show our gratitude...RAWrewards

We are very excited about this because it's EASY to earn points AND redeeming your points isn't out of this world insanely hard...We've made it easy for you to get points you can actually USE! 

Ok, so heres how it works...

1st...Click on that black box at the bottom of your screen labeled RAW rewards to get started on your RAWrewards savings! Then read below on what actions get you points and how to redeem those well-deserved points for discounts + freebies! 

E A R N I N G  P O I N T S

• WELCOME Points = 200 points [just by signing up]

• $1 = 1 point [ex. $50 order = 50 points]

• REFER a friend = you get 500 Points + your friend gets a 10% off coupon [WIN WIN!!]

• Add your BIRTHDAY = 200 points

• Facebook SHARE = 50 points

• LIKE @RAWvibeStudios Facebook Page = 100 points

• FOLLOW @rawvibestudios on Instagram = 100 points


S P E N D I N G  P O I N T S

500 points = $5 Coupon

1,000 points = $10 Coupon

2500 points = $25 Coupon


SEEEE, how easy is that?! 

Now, we will let you go so you can start earning those points! 

Have a great one guys!  xoRV|J

PS | this is not a newsletter signup...that is completely separate. this is ONLY used for your points and you will NOT get emails from us if you only signup for the rewards. xo

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