Classic Mala

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Traditional 108 bead Mala, hand-knotted with the ClassicTRI

  • 108 Gemstone Beads
  • Hand-knotted
  • Triangle = Quartz  
  • Quartz Triangle component was created + crafted in-house
  • Copper on stone has been sealed to preserve patina and to prevent tarnishing

Malas can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist 

A M A Z O N I T E | "Feel Better" stone, good for creativity. In the physical sense, it is great for the nerves, heart + nervous system. 

Calms + soothes, promotes peace, helps balance yin + yang, opens the heart, promotes love, promotes personal truth, triggers intuition, relieves stress, protects against electromagnetic energies, Good for the aura. Chakra | Throat

L A B R A D O R I T E | Cleanses + heals the aura, balances mind + spirit, protects against negative energy. Helps tune in to psychic energy + intuition, enhances communication with the divine or higher beings. Helps reduce feelings of insecurity, anxiety and stress. Chakra | third eye, crown

R O S E  Q U A R T Z | Promotes + Strengthens all types of Love. Fosters unconditional Love, Opens the Heart, Romantic, Self Love, Protection during pregnancy and childbirth, peace, happiness, gentleness. Magnifies creativity + imagination. Promotes emotional healing. Calm + peacefulness. Chakra | Heart


  • Please NOTE = we use Raw, Natural stones. Although we aim to keep size + overall design among each style in our collections consistent, each crystal has its own unique characteristics created by nature which we are unable to duplicate. There will be slight differences in stones -- no two are alike. 

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