Clear Quartz Candleholder

  • $26.00

Clear Quartz Candleholder with Tealight. Great for lighting during a relaxing bath or light throughout the day to rid any heavy energies.

The Clear Quartz Candleholder is also great to cleanse other crystals or jewelry, just by taking out the tealight and setting the piece to be cleansed in the center!

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C L E A R  Q U A R T Z 

  • Known as the 'Master Healer'
  • Increases energy
  • Quartz channels any type of energy and in turns helps all conditions
  • Focuses the mind, aids meditation, and relieves negativity
  • Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance, Energy, Healing
  • Cleanses spaces and amplifies energies
  • When paired with another stone, those energies are amplified
  • Also cleanses and charges crystals.

CHAKRA | all, especially crown

SIGN | All

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