• $58.00

The Triangle layering necklace with a little extra flare and femininity with our new Rose Gold chain.

Style UPDATE | now you have the flexibility to wear with multiple necklines! 

the TRIANGLE | MIND + BODY + SPIRIT or however this shape resonates with you. 

  • Quartz Points
  • 14k Rose Gold Chain
  • Triangle component was created + crafted in-house
  • Metal on stone has been sealed with industrial grade sealant

** N E W updates ** 

  • NEW | thicker chain - still super dainty, just more sturdy
  • NEW | 16in length option
  • ADDITION | 18in length adjustable to 16in 
  • ADDITION | 16in length adjustable to 14in 

q u a r t z | the 'Master Healer'. Increases energy. Quartz channels any type of energy and in turns helps all conditions. Focuses the mind, aids meditation, and relieves negativity. Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance, Energy, Healing. Cleanses spaces and amplifies energies. When paired with another stone, those energies are amplified. Also cleanses and charges crystals.

CHAKRA | all, especially crown

SIGN | All

t i p | pair with another piece of jewelry with a different stone for those properties / energies to be amplified. 


+ NOTE | exact item will vary, every piece varies in size and slight details. Every piece is crafted using the same method, but there will be slight variances between same styles. 

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