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S M U D G E  I T

Smudge sticks in Palo Santo + a variety of Sage.

Clear the air…get rid of all that heavy, unwanted energy. 

Choose your favorite scent, light it up, burn it out and let the smoke cleanse the air.


PALO SANTO   ‘Holy Wood’

Sacred tree in South America

Citrus with notes of pine, mint + lemon

Keeps energy clear + grounded


SAGE   ‘purifier’

Cleanses + Purifies



White sage [California]

White Sage + Lavender

White Sage + Rosemary

Black Sage


Black Sage | 8" 

  • Stimulates dreams - also called 'dream weed'
  • Subtle sweet scent
  • Protection
  • Used in ritual practices

California White Sage | 8-9"

  • Used in ritual 
  • Used for cleansing
  • Sacred herb

White Sage + Lavender | 8-9"

  • White Sage and Lavender Mix
  • Lavender also known as purple sage

White Sage + Rosemary | 8-9"

  • White Sage and Rosemary Mix

Palo Santo | bundle of 3


How to SMUDGE 

  • open a window or door so the unwanted energy has a place to escape [so it leaves your space instead of just moving around as you smudge your space]
  • light - let flame for 15 - 30 seconds
  • extinguish flame
  • let smoke clear the air
  • smudge - corners of your space, under bed, closets, anywhere you feel the energies are strong
  • don't forget yourself...hands, feet, aura, etc. 
  • Also don’t forget to smudge your mirrors - where thoughts + energy are also stuck
  • Place in firesafe bowl once finished smudging your space

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