the ULTIMATE kit

  • $29.00

Cleansing Kit or Crystal Starter Kit with all of your favorite stones to put in any corner of your house, office, studio, etc.

All are decent sized stones and are in their raw or rough form. 


the ULTIMATE Cleansing Kit consists of one of each of the below to jumpstart your crystal collection / cleansing ritual kit

  • Palo Santo
    • 'holy wood' - one of the world's most fragrant woods from the Palo Santo trees in South America
  • Sage
    • 'the purifier' - clears negative energy to restore balance to yourself or your space
  • Citrine 
    • the 'joyful' stone - prosperity + abundance
  • Rose Quartz
    • 'stone of the heart' - Love
  • Clear Quartz
    • 'the master healer' - Cleanses spaces + amplifies energy
  • Black Tourmaline
    • absorbs negative energy - wards off negative/physic attack
  • Amethyst
    • clears your energy field - creates a bubble of spiritual light around your body - great for meditation space, spiritual connection, clears mind
  • Selenite
    • Cleanses + purifies energy - cleanses other crystals - provides protective energy

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