BASIC dangles

  • $35.00

Quartz Dangle Earring

  • quartz points | 1.5in total length
  • rose gold filled earwires
  • shiny copper cap
  • copper has been sealed with industrial grade sealant

Q U A R T Z 

  • 'Master Healer'
  • Increases energy
  • Quartz channels any type of energy and in turns helps all conditions.
  • Focuses the mind
  • aids meditation
  • relieves negativity. 
  • Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance, Energy, Healing
  • Cleanses spaces and amplifies energies
  • When paired with another stone, those energies are amplified
  • Also cleanses and charges crystals.
  • CHAKRA | all, especially crown
  • SIGN | All
  • Please NOTE = we use Raw, Natural stones. Although we aim to keep size + overall design among each style in our collections consistent, each crystal has its own unique characteristics created by nature which we are unable to duplicate. There will be slight differences in stones -- no two are alike. 

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