RAWvibe is about living life in the highest vibration as possible. R|V centers around energy, Being raw and unapologetically you.
Our line is made entirely of raw stones + metal. We feature raw stones because, just like in humans, we believe that true beauty lies in the rawness and imperfection of each stone and we want to highlight that.
Our designs are made for the Modern Yogi...looks that transition from work to the mat, Dress up for a night out or Wear as your daily look. 
Every stone is reputably sourced and all designs are 100% handcrafted of raw materials.
RAW-VIBE DESIGNs | These 3 words have been the essence of RAWvibe since the very beginning. They will continue to be the center of the company and each design even as we grow and evolve.
RAW | true - pure - natural
raw genuine stones, always
VIBE | energy - feeling - vibration
the core of each collection is centered around the vibration and energies of each stone
DESIGN | style - perspective - construction
Construction is key to quality and we strive for the absolute best. Styles are tested prior to releasing to the masses. If it doesn't meet our quality of standards it goes back to the design process to be reworked until the design meets these standards.