Chunky Rose Quartz

  • $66.00

Rose Quartz Necklace on Gunmetal Chain

A chunky Rose Quartz 'dipped' in copper is suspended on a 32in Gunmetal Chain. The copper metal has been buffed, and polished to a shiny patina and sealed to keep the shiny patina lasting. 


Please NOTE = we use Raw, Natural stones. Although we aim to keep size + overall design among each style in our collections consistent, each crystal has its own unique characteristics created by nature which we are unable to duplicate. There will be slight differences in stones -- no two are alike. 
Crystal + Metal Care
All finished products are polished and sealed with a high-quality, industrial grade sealant. Please be aware that due to the nature of the stone's composition they are very fragile. The metal on each stone is copper, which will patina over time. Even though we seal all finished products with an industrial grade sealant, the metal will still patina over time. The rate of patina will depend on your environment, your body's pH makeup and any products [ex. perfume, scented lotions, etc] used on your skin where the metal meets your skin.

If you love the shiny metal look, we are more than happy to shine and reseal for you if the metal ages too quickly for your liking. If you like the look of aged metal, you can simply clean up the metal by using a jewelry cleaning cloth every once in awhile to keep it clean.

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