theClassic TRI

  • $58.00

The Triangle layering necklace with a little extra flare and femininity with our new Rose Gold chain.

Style UPDATE | now you have the flexibility to wear with multiple necklines! 

the TRIANGLE | MIND + BODY + SPIRIT or however this shape resonates with you. 

  • Quartz Points
  • 14k Rose Gold Chain
  • 14in and 18in L Chain options
  • Triangle component was created + crafted in-house
  • Metal on stone has been sealed with industrial grade sealant

** N E W ** 

  • new thicker chain - still super dainty, just more sturdy
  • NEW 16in length option
  • ADDED ring to the 18in chain to be adjustable to 16in length
  • ADDED ring to the 16in length to be adjustable to 14in length

q u a r t z | known as the 'universal stone' - amplifies energies and intentions - power - protection - harmony - balance - energy - healing

t i p | when paired with another stone, those properties / energies are amplified. 


+ NOTE | exact item will vary, every piece varies in size and slight details. Every piece is crafted using the same method, but there will be slight variances between same styles.