• $112.00

Our signature design in S E L E N I T E

  • Raw/rough face with flat back
  • Handcut
  • Rose Gold Filled Neckchain
  • Copper has been sealed with industrial grade sealant 
  • Length - 18in that is adjustable to 16in
    • custom lengths are available - see below

S E L E N I T E 

  • Very High-Vibration stone
  • Cleanses + purifies energy
  • Cleanses other crystals
  • Fosters enlightenment
  • Protective energy
  • Sparks inspiration
  • Mental Clarity
  • Decision Making
  • Removes energy blocks
  • Promotes communication with higher self and the divine

CHAKRA | crown

SIGN | Taurus

  • [this stone is also linked to the moon. The goddess of the moon = Selene]


Length Options

  • custom lengths are available!
    • choose your favorite crystal + custom length in the menu options and we will contact you via email to chat about your desired length. The remaining cost will be invoiced after we have discussed your desired piece and before custom order is started. Custom orders are Final Sale and not available for exchange. 

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